Moose - Glacier National Park

Waterton Lake National Park and Glacier National park are located in Canada and America, respectively. The border between the two countries/parks is a ruler line on the map. It is notable that there are not many rental RVs on the roads and in the campgrounds in this area. Most tourists choose the well-known parks of Banff and Jasper in Canada and Yellowstone and Grand Teton in America. We have done the same during our previous trips.

Waterton Lake and Glacier National park are equally crowded, but everything seems a bit more convivial. To curb the influx of many visitors, Glacier National park has had a ban on driving on certain roads for several years. You can only drive here with a permit or camping reservation.

Glacier NP - USA
Glacier National Park - USA
Glacier National Park - USA
Glacier National Park - USA
Hikes with a park ranger

Each national park has activities such as: hikes, a performance in the open air theater, campground evening stories and sometimes stargazing. We went on two hikes in Glacier with a ranger. These are usually people who work for the National Park in the summer season and have other jobs or pursue studies in the winter.

The first hike, called Redrock falls hike, starts from the Swiftcurrent Inn, near Many Glacier Campground. The trail goes to two lakes and to Redrock Falls. It was fun to hear about the trees the bears scratch at. Bears don't have claws to scratch themselves with. There were also very special rocks millions of years old and a bear had been spotted at the lake. That we arrived the bear had (thankfully!) left.

The second walk starts from the parking lot of -the 1913-built historic ranger station. This is located near St Mary's visitors center. This was one of the most beautiful walks we have done so far. For over two hours we walked across open fields filled with colorful and fragrant wildflowers, had views of breathtaking mountains and walked through a dark forest.

The walkways are two feet wide, so densely covered is everything with the wildflowers. Nature can totally take its course. Halfway along the trail you stop at a pond where beavers have built a dam. During this stop we saw a beautiful male moose bathing, eating and drinking deliciously. We could watch everything from a suitable distance very well.

Glacier National Park - USA
Moose - Glacier National Park - USA
Glacier National Park - USA
Glacier National Park - USA

We had booked the campsites in Glacier NP quite late. You do this booking on the government website of the National Parks. If a date is released that you want to book, you can sit down with your laptop ready at 8 a.m. (local time) and it usually works out.

Many Glacier Campground

Here we have a beautiful spot in the middle of greenery and with a view of the mountains. The sites are without facilities: no electricity, no drainage and you get water at a central point. There are very clean toilets, but showering is only available at The Swiftcurrent Inn. There you buy a $4 token for an 8.5 minute shower. There is a dump station, where you can also fill water with a hose.

Two Medicine Campground

This area holds many legends for the Blackfeet Indians. The campground is on beautiful lakes, with crystal clear water with pink stones. You can fish, boat and swim. The campsites are all without facilities; there are toilets, but no showers. There are lots of goats walking around the campground! It is a great hiking area where many bears also live. 

Many Glacier Campground - Glacier NP -USA
Many Glacier Campground - Glacier NP -USA
Two Medicine Campground - Glacier NP -USA
Two Medicine Campground - Glacier NP -USA
Two Medicine Campground - Glacier NP -USA
En route to Yellowstone National Park

After six days of Glacier NP, we drive further south. Along the way we pass a number of villages in the style of western times. We stop at our first USA boondockers host in the town of Helena. We spend two nights at a place with a magnificent and unobstructed view of the sleeping giant. The host sells a variety of jams, vegetables and pies, so that's tops! Want to know more about free boondockers spots? Then click here.

Another boondocker is standing next to us. Her name is Vicky (31) and, in our eyes, she has made a very cool choice. She can work from her RV, manages a team and is flown back home twice a year, at her employer's expense. You don't hear that very often!

It's 37 degrees, so we laze around at Lake Helena. We see many people enjoying themselves on this beautiful lake by boat and jet ski. Just before we leave we get talking to an enthusiastic man. He has very nice tips, immediately follows us on Insta and invites us to spend the night in his yard on our next visit to Helena. Very nice!

Helena - Montana - USA
Our boondockers place - Helena - Montana - USA
Sleeping Giant - Montana - USA
Sleeping Giant - Montana -USA - foto website US Government
Sleeping Giant ons uitzicht- Montana - USA