Van San Francisco naar Denver USA

We shippedour motorhome from Antwerp (Belgium) to Halifax (Canada) in 2023. We have a 4/5 person RV And how cool is it when your children and partners want to travel with you? Very cool! Our daughter Carmen has been in America before with a camper, for son-in-law Lorenzo this is a new experience.

Once before, the five of us drove this camper to the nicest campsite and sweetest people in Italy: Agricamping Spineta (Recommended!!!) from the Bartemucci family. We have experience of traveling together in an RV, we are very much looking forward to it. 

Golden Gate bridge San Francisco USA
Golden Gate bridge San Francisco USA
Where do we go from here?

Carmen & Lorenzo put together the itinerary. They took into account:

  1. The cost of airfare
  2. The opening hours of the parks
  3. The distances. This country is huge!
  4. Available campsites
  5. The inspiration of activities they found through tiktok
  6. Enough time to enjoy everything
Valley of the fire
From San Francisco to Denver in 4.5 weeks

After the itinerary is put together, the next step is to book the campsites. We did this a few weeks before the trip started. If you can be flexible, by not wanting to be in the same camp spot every night, there is more choice. Still, we were really surprised in some cases, that it is so crowded in the national parks in the month of September.

We were not able to book a spot in the parks in Yosemite and Zion, but a campground a half-hour drive from the parks entrance. Also fine, but in the park is nicer!

See this blog for the links to the camp sites.

Bestemming en aantal nachten
September/early October weather

If you travel from San Francisco to Denver, you will have continuous nice weather. Not too hot in e.g. Las Vegas, Antelope canyon and Arches, not too cold in Bryce (-1 at night) and towards the Grand Canyon and later also in Denver you will see the most beautiful autumn colors appear. We find this period very pleasant to travel in. 

Fall colours - Scenic Byway 12 - Capitol Reef NP
Our ranking

After a few weeks of traveling, we started making lists: What do you guys like the most/least so far? Especially the list of fun experiences changed continuously!

Leukste ranking
Leukste ranking

The stories that this medium would only be used by children doing a dance are long outdated. We found the best eateries and (nature) attractions thanks to Carmen & Lorenzo's inspiration on Tiktok. They also have a tiktok account themselves. Would you like to follow Carmen & Lorenzo on tiktok? Then click here.

With such inspirations, maybe we will start posting some ourselves on this medium......

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