Tiktok Travel at 50

Our daughter Carmen & son-in-law Lorenzo help large and small companies to increase their brand awareness and customer base. They do this through the medium of Tiktok. Of course, we always watch the videos they make. It is so nice to see how creative they are! 

We got more interested in Tiktok ourselves when we experienced how they were preparing for our joint RV trip across America. They found so many great places, restaurants and activities that we are now using Tiktok for this ourselves.

We heard from Lorenzo that Tiktok is used more often than the search engine Google. People prefer watching a short video with explanation/tips, rather than having to read a piece..........

On Tiktok yourself?

We are not a company, nor are we interested in starting one. Nevertheless, we decided to open a Tiktok account for five reasons:

  1. Carmen always says, "it's so much fun what you guys do, you should share that, it's very inspiring"
  2. Lorenzo explained so much to us that we "had" to post a video (just kidding Lor ?
  3. We make a lot of short videos that we don't do anything with. Robert often makes movies with the GoPro and then edits them with Premiere Pro software. That's fun to do, but an awful lot of work. We are travelers, not filmmakers.......with the Tiktok app, it is child's play to paste all the short films together.
  4. We get lots of questions along the way about our motorhome and our travels
  5. It is nice to be able to quickly create a short video as a reference in Tiktok and also share it with you. Click here for our account.