Internet in de camper

An important part of traveling, of course, is the fun you have and being able to share it with others. We no longer share this as often with our mobile calling minutes, but with Internet calling via WIFI and our data plan. Since WiFi is not always available and certainly not while driving, you will mainly use your data plan on your phone or tablet.


Zodra je Nederland uitrijdt, heb je te maken met beperking op de hoeveelheid data die je mag gebruiken en zgn. ?roaming tarieven?. Dit is een speciaal (vaak duurder) tarief voor gebruik van je telefoon in het buitenland. Bij de meeste providers geldt “roam like at home”. Dat betekent dat je in de EU, zonder extra kosten gebruik kunt maken van je abonnement en surft op het internet via een andere buitenlandse provider. Heb je een 10Gb data-abonnement? Dan kun je deze data ook in de meeste EU landen gebruiken. Sommige providers hebben een extra voorwaarde: de fair use policy. Een voorbeeld: je hebt een data-abonnement van 50Gb. Dan is de fair use voorwaarde dat je maar 20Gb mag gebruiken. Verbruik je meer dan 20Gb, dan betaal je de duurdere roaming tarieven.

There are several ways to get an Internet connection in your motorhome.

Mobile hotspot

Here you use the smartphone as a hotspot for other devices, such as laptops or tablets.
Pro's: Easy to use and available almost everywhere.
Con's: You reach your mobile data limit very quickly.

4G-MiFi router

This router uses a SIM card for an Internet connection and can accommodate multiple users.
Pro's: It is faster than a mobile hotspot and can accommodate multiple users.
Con's: Coverage depends on the availability of 4G in the area and the speed of your mobile data.

Many travelers buy a local SIM card and are quite satisfied with it. It's not dirt cheap and you don't get a lot of value for that money. But if you get by with it, it's fine!

It depends on your specific situation, which Mifi router suits you best. Below we describe three of the most popular and recommended Mifi routers:

  1. Huawei E5577C: This Mifi router has a speed of 150Mbps and a battery life of 6 hours. It is a compact router that is easy to carry and supports up to 10 connected devices.
  1. Netgear Nighthawk M1: This Mifi router has a speed of 1Gbps and a battery life of 24 hours. It is a powerful router that supports up to 20 connected devices.
  1. TP-Link M7350: This Mifi router has a speed of 150Mbps and a battery life of 8 hours. It is a compact router that supports up to 10 connected devices and has additional features such as file sharing and micro-sd card usage.

De batterij in de routers is vooral handig als je op het strand of op een terras gebruik wilt maken van je eigen wifi connectie. Houd er wel rekening mee dat de beschikbaarheid van deze routers en de specificaties kunnen variëren per regio. Het is ook belangrijk om de compatibiliteit met je mobiele provider te controleren voordat je tot aankoop overgaat.

Satellite Internet

This involves using a satellite dish to connect to the Internet.
Pro's: Internet connection is available everywhere, including remote areas.
Con's: The higher cost and speed of connection depends on weather conditions.
If you find this interesting, check out Starlink. Kosten bedragen ?105 per maand en éénmalig ?450 voor hardware. 

Camping wifi

When you are at a campground, you can often use wifi.
Pro's: It is usually free and possibly faster than your mobile Internet connection.
Con's: The signal may be too weak because you are too far from the WiFi point. To solve this, you can use a WiFi repeater. This repeater amplifies the wifi signal through the router and forwarding it to the places where the signal is weak. By the way, this does not work if too many people are using the same signal.

Our experience

Wij gebruiken in Europa het ?Red Together? abonnement van Vodafone in combinatie met een Ziggo abonnement. Met dit abonnement kun je een datapot van 100Gb of 200Gb delen. Om over de 200Gb pot te kunnen beschikken is de voorwaarde dat één van de deelnemers klant is bij Ziggo. Wil je meer weten over internet in Amerika en Canada? Klik dan here.

  1. To have access to the 200Gb datapot, you can also link the subscription to the address of someone in your area who has a Ziggo subscription. This is because Vodafone has no insight into where Ziggo subscribers are registered.
  2. Vodafone states that you cannot use more than 40GB abroad. You will get a text message when exceeded the limit and they can charge you extra. We went over this limit very often, but where we never got charged extra.
In conclusion

We have listed Dutch Internet providers. Want to know more about foreign providers? We have found a very good website, where all information is explained worldwide. 

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